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Our company shares a common philosophy, shares the same Values of thoroughness, quality, innovation and respect for nature’s resources as that of our supply chain.

Experience is the best innovator and our European Partners have learnt to capture the beauty and expression of wood, combining good looks with cutting-edge floor technology to produce floors that are not only aesthetic but are durable, stable and easy to install.

Our services include:

  • Pre-tender qualification, pre-tender design advice, full tender & estimating service
  • Post tender client review and negotiation
  • Supply and installation of new products
  • Removal and re-cycling and reinstallation of existing obsolete components
  • Post-Installation: Operation & Maintenance manuals compilation, warranty provision, client project review
  • Material supply only

Enviroflor represents 3 European trading partners in the distribution and installation of quality sports floor and Hardwood floor systems. These supply chain partners are the crème de la crème of Hardwood flooring Manufacturers and all our supply chain partners are fully FSC or PEFC certified. We are committed to only providing environmentally friendly and sustainable products