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A traditional 600x600mm Raised Access Floor matrix is the most commonly used system and is available in bare chipboard or steel encapsulated panels with chipboard or calcium sulphate cores.

Panels can be finished in a wide range of finishes including Vinyl, stone, marble and timber. We do not recommend the application of factory bonded carpet finishes.

A wide range of products are available in the UK market and we offer both PSA MOB and BSEN specifications.

Our services include:

  • Pre-tender qualification, pre-tender design advice, full tender & estimating service
  • Post tender client review and negotiation
  • Supply and installation of new products
  • Removal and re-cycling and reinstallation of existing obsolete components
  • Post-Installation: Operation & Maintenance manuals compilation, warranty provision, client project review
  • Material supply only

There is a myriad of manufactured systems available and their particular loadings, specification and benefits can be confusing for the specifier or client . Being fully independent we are not constrained by a manufacturing core business. Our staff have the experience to identify and procure the floor system which best suits the needs of your specific project.