Hush - Fill 60
Heavy Pugging

Hush-Fill 60 Heavy Pugging is a granular mineral filler specifically designed to meet the required density of 80kgs/m² at the 60mm regulation depth specified within UK Building regulations for sound insulation between timber floor joists. It is a most effective means of reducing the airborne sound transmission between separating floors within a timber construction and has been expressly packaged to enable easy and accurate installation.


  • Traditional method of reducing the transmission of airborne sound between timber separating floors within refurbishment projects
  • Upgrades the airborne performance of separating floors whilst allowing decorative lath and plaster ceilings to remain intact
  • Ideal for projects where restrictions apply, such as upgrading listed buildings
  • Compatible with a range of Hush-Systems, designed to exceed the current Building Regulation requirements of Part E (England and Wales), Part H (Scotland) and Part G(Northern Ireland).
  • Comprises 2-10mm dry mineral fill, packed in polythene tubes which double as the required liner below the fill.


  • Joist loadings must always be checked by a structural engineer prior to specification or use.
  • Hush-Fill 60 must never be installed directly onto a plasterboard or lath and plaster ceiling, supporting shelves should be constructed – see fitting instructions.
  • Hush-Fill 60 tubes weigh approximately 25kg each and care must be taken when manually handling and lifting.


Test Data

Test data for field tests in compliance with Building Regulations Document E can be supplied upon request

Product Data

In between joists, supported by plywood screwed to the underside of the joists or on a shelf constructed between the joists. Joist loadings must be checked by a qualified person prior to specification.

2-10mm dry mineral fill, packed in sealed polythene tubes.

Tube Dimensions
Approx. 1100mm long x 150mm diameter
Weight per m²
80 kgs at required 60mm depth for UK Building Regulations
Weight per tube
Approx. 25 kgs
Overall nominal thickness

60mm at required depth for UK Building Regulations (3.2 tubes per m²)

Compatible Hush-Systems

Hush-System 1


Cut the Hush-Slabs to the required void width using a sharp saw or long blade, and starting at one of the room perimeters, begin fitting the slabs in between the floor joists or wall studs. At the end of each run, cut the last slab to the required length and then continue the process until all voids are filled, ensuring there are no gaps. Any excess trimmings can be used to pack in alongside the full slabs, avoiding any waste. Hush-Slabs can be friction fitted from below when using within a ceiling system.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with all products and are available to download from the Installation Guides section.

Product Datasheets

Hush-Fill 60 Datasheet
Hush-Product Brochure