Elastflex Stadium

 Elastflex Stadium is an area-elastic sports floor made up of an elastic layer and load distribution layer of plywood and is ideally suited for use as activity flooring, sports halls, dance floors, recreation halls and gymnasiums.


Usage: Sports and multipurpose centres.

Board Type: 3-strip
Wear Layer: 3.5mm
Board Thickness: 14mm
Board Width: 209mm
Board Length: 2200mm

Packing Overview
Pack Size: 6 boards = 2.76m2 (23kg)
Pallet Size: 50 packs = 138m2 (1150kg)
We reserve the right to deliver one element as random length in each pack.

Product supplied includes: elastic layer, load distribution layer, PE plastic sheet & engineered hardwood flooring.
screws and nails are not supplied.

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