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AExacta self-fixing floating floor combines the aesthetic look of Caesar porcelain stoneware with durability, easy cleaning and hygiene:

Raised Access Floor Ceramic Overlay

  • Quick, easy and clean floor installation. The panels are rectified and are simply installed adjacent to each other with no need for adhesives and/or grout.
  • Reduction of installation time and costs because the pre-existing floor does not have to be demolished.
  • It can be immediately walked upon. The floor can be immediately used after installation.
  • The floor can be dismantled, panels recovered and re-used.
  • The panels can be easily removed without damaging the pre-existing floor.

Moreover, thanks to its cork layer, AExacta:ceramic overley

  • Guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Is wear resistant (its honeycomb structure makes it more resistant to shock and friction than other harder surfaces)
  • Is flame resistant
  • Is water-proof, therefore it resists attack of insects and moulds
  • Is hypoallergenic, it does not absorb dust and powders therefore it does not cause allergies
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Is durable over time

self-fixing floors

The need to create floors for the restoration of buildings without damaging the pre-existing floor coverings, in any way is becoming increasingly important. Such floors are used in the restoration of historic buildings, just as much as they are used when creating showrooms, temporary shops, trade-fairs, events and exhibitions on areas that have been specifically hired for the occasion. Situations such as these require quick and easy installation, to reduce costs and associated time and to make the spaces ready to use as quickly as possible.

The AExacta self-fixing system by Caesar meets these needs offering an innovative solution that does not require adhesives and grouts, does not cause dirt and dust, does not need acid cleaning after installation and can be immediately walked upon after installation. Using AExacta gives you the flexibility to create perfect aesthetic solutions even in temporary venues. Once the event or the trade-fair is over, the floor can be dismantled, recovered and reused again elsewhere. The modules that compose the system are easy to remove and can be reused with no need to demolish and create unnecessary waste. Even when it is necessary to choose the surface covering of concrete or Raised Access Floors, AExacta finds a perfect application as the surface covering can be chosen after the installation of the floor.

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