Boflex Stadium

Boflex Stadium is an area elastic hardwood sport floor that comes factory finished with built-in shock absorption and sports lacquer.  Installed around the world Boflex is suitable for sports and multipurpose halls from the smallest training gyms to large arenas due to its patented system and low finish floor height of just 28mm, the system can be installed on an even, sound and self supporting sub-floor or on top of an existing floor and is suitable for underfloor heating.

Tests conducted by SINTEF (formerly The Norwegian Building Research Institute) shows that Boflex surpasses all its rivals and performs exceptionally well when being used by children and adults protecting body joints from shocks.  

Tests show that the system can withstand an almost unlimited load, due to the special built-in foam under-structure that can never be compresses more than 50% making the system suitable for tackling the heavy weight grandstands. 

Experience shows that a sports complex of approximately 1,000m2 can be installed in 4-5 days by 3 people.


Multiple strips of load balancing foam are attached to the underside of the Boflex boards which have two rows of hardwood staves, each board has a 3.5mm hardwood wear layer and are surface backed with two layers of softwood to provide exceptional dimensional stability.  The boards are milled using the BOEN Connex process precise milling technique that gives the boards a double tongue and groove joint for exceptional lateral strength and finished with five layers factory finish sports lacquer.

Usage: Sports and multi-purpose facilities, health and fitness studios and schools 

Board Type: 2-strip
Wear Layer: 3.5mm
Board Thickness: 28mm
Board Width: 137mm
Board Length: 2200mm

Suitable for both renovation purposes and new building projects
Suitable for installation over under floor heating systems

Boflex Stadium is supplied with FSC™ MIX 70% certification.

Packing overview

Pack Size: 6 boards = 1.81m2 (21kg)
Pallet Size: 49 packs = 88.69m2 (1029kg)
We reserve the right to deliver up to 10% in lengths from 70cm to 150cm.

Product supplied includes Boflex adhesive & perimeter support battens.

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