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Bathgate Raised Access Flooring

BE Range (edge banded): BSEN productsBathgate Edge Banded Panel

The Permaflor BE panel uses an encapsulated construction of galvanised steel bonded to both surfaces with a protective PVC edge-band. It is also available with a bonded vinyl surface finish.

This design offers improved handling and manoeuvrability during installation whilst retaining the strength and robustness of a traditional steel encased panel.

The full-depth edge-banding provides improved tightness of fit between adjoining panels and gives a firm seating onto the pedestal without the use of gaskets. Air leakage is considerably reduced, a feature that can be important when the void is used as an air plenum.

As well as non-standard sizes, a wide range of factory-bonded surface finishes can be applied to the BE range, including carpet, timber and ceramics.

Bathgate BE PSA Range

  • . Galvanised steel bonded to both surfaces
  • . PVC edge-band with raked sides for easier fitting
  • . Anti-static vinyl surfaced option
  • . Bespoke factory-bonded finishes available
  • . Reduced air leakage


BE Range (edge banded): BSEN products

The following BE products are available to meet the most common BSEN specifications. 
BE products to meet other BSEN specifications can be made to order.

Product Panel Classification Panel Size Maximum Ultimate Load Working Load Panel Thickness Panel Weight (per m²)
BE 3 3/A/3/2 600 x 600mm >8kN <3kN 31mm 33Kg
BE 3V 3/A/3/2 600 x 600mm >8kN <3kN 33mm 35Kg
BE 5 5/A/3/2 600 x 600mm >8kN <3kN 31mm 33Kg
  • V = Vinyl surfaced


Construction High density particleboard core. Galvanised steel encapsulation: top and bottom sheets bonded to each surface.
Certification All panels tested to BSEN 12825: 2001
Loading Safety Margin Tested to withstand excess point loading factor of 3x working load
Acoustic Performance Typical panel performance 43dB airborne sound and 68dB impact sound Performance will improve depending on surface finish applied
Electrical Forms electrically continuous floor that should be earthed in accordance with IEE regulations. Earthing studs can be pre-fitted to pedestals. Electrostatically conductive gasket may be fitted to pedestal head.
Fire Resistance Class 'O' spread of flame
Warranty Single point manufacturer warranty
Key Dimensional Length: ± 0.4mm; Square: 600x600 ± 0.5mm; Thickness ± 0.5mm

Product Selector Guide

Installation Typical Suitability Typical Floor Height (cable only) Typical Floor Height (cable and HVAC)
Light Office Use BE 3 / 3V 70 - 300mm 150 - 450mm
General Office Use BE 3 / 3V 70 - 300mm 150 - 450mm
Call Centres BE 3 / 3V; BE 5 150 - 600mm 300 - 1200mm
Communications Room BE 3V 150 - 300mm 300 - 450mm
Banking And Finance BE 3 / 3V 150 - 300mm 300 - 600mm
Plant And Equipment BE 5 - 300 - 600mm
Sports Halls, Gymansiums BE 5 150 - 300mm 150 - 450mm
Retail BE 3 / BE 5 70 - 150mm 150 - 600mm
Light Industrial BE 5 150 - 300mm 150 - 450mm
Hotel and Leisure BE 3 / 3V 70 - 150mm 150 - 450mm
Schools & Colleges BE 3 / 3V 70 - 150mm 150 - 600mm

 Product Usage Table

Product BSEN Specification Typical Applications Panel Features
BE 3 3/A/3/2 *General office and commercial / retail areas with standard equipment and no especially heavy plant anticipated Standard panel, encapsulated: steel bonded to both surfaces, gravity laid.
BE 5 5/A/3/2 *Areas with moderately heavy equipment or machinery, heavily trafficked Standard panel, encapsulated: steel bonded to both surfaces, gravity laid.
  • *No applications are given in BSEN. These general areas are indicative and for guidance onlyPermaflor


There is a myriad of manufactured systems available and their particular loadings, specification and benefits can be confusing for the specifier or client . Being fully independent we are not constrained by a manufacturing core business. Our staff have the experience to identify and procure the floor system which best suits the needs of your specific project.